First of all, its radar, how cool is that!

With the demand for self driving vehicles, drones and robots radar has taken some massive steps forward in capability and cost. Unlike other sensing tech’s it can also detect direction, trajectory, speed of movement and the Infineon devices can even sense heartbeat and breathing, which is just awesome!

In the words of the Infineon team:
The BGT24M/L family is the largest and highest integrated 24GHz ISM band radar transceiver family currently in the market, providing a range of different transmitter and receiver channel configurations, supporting different application requirements. The BGT24MTR11 combines one transmit and one receive channel, the BGT24MTR12 one transmit and two receive channels, and the BGT24MR2 two receive channels. The BGT24LTR11 , the smallest 24 GHz MMIC in the market, is a low power radar transceiver that combines one transmit and one receive channel.
If your looking for a technology breakthrough, give radar a look and have us engineer one of these little beauties into your next project!