Volume 13| Sept 4th 2019
Ms.May and the curiously interesting website!

Oscar nomination material, without the acceptance speech!

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As engineers and entrepreneurs, we operate with a problem, solution and value proposition mindset. Our focus is simple – to provide our clients with innovative technologies that allow them to beat the competition.
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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, mid-cap market leaders, and startups to provide product solutions, from creation to improvement, that redefine performance benchmarks.

Talk like an Engineer – Doppler Radar

We all know one and rely on them in our time of need. Yet for all of their creativity, practicality, and value, an engineer will default to tech talk faster than a short circuit. Non-Engineers will never be able to fully understand them, but here are a few pointers as to what they may be talking about.
Today we will visit the topic of speeding tickets with the help of our very own Phd student, Lynne Nethken and the application of Doppler Radar technology. (See video above)

Break it down!
This month we get to breakopen an OLED TV and benchmark it against an LED one! Bet your brother in law is not up for letting you do this on his new 85″!

Warning, don’t try this at home!

Gorilla gadget of the month
Lattice Semiconductor: MachXO3D

If you’re one of the 4Billion people who had their data stolen last year, where unfortunate to be part of the Jeep hacking scandal or follow the news on malware implants and radio hacks on pacemakers, system security is a key topic for anyone.
Lattice Semiconductor has come up with a really well done solution for this with their MachXO3D (Sentry) package. Simplifying the i mplementation of hardware security by integrating Root-of-Trust in your platform’s first on, last off device. In the words of our friends at Lattice, the MachXO3D:
Builds on Proven MachXO3 Architecture – MachXO3D adds on immutable embedded security block, enhanced control functions, and expanded user flash memory up to 2700 kbits.
Highly Secured FPGA –Immutable security enables Hardware Root-of-Trust and pre-verified cryptographic functions such as ECDSA, ECIES, AES, SHA, HMAC, TRNG, Unique Secure ID and Public/Private Key Generation.
On Device Dual Boot Flash – No need for external memory for dual boot configuration. On device dual boot flash enables fail-safe programming and provides flexible in-field updates.
Lattice Spec Page
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