Innovate to Win!

Engineering Feasiblity

The most important phase in any project. Does the technology exist, in the form factor you need, at the price point required in the timing you want. Is your idea new or protected by IP. What will be the cost of the project.
It never hurts to ask and we help you ask the right questions so you can proceed with confidence.

Electronics Design

We are familiar with a broad array of technology portfolio’s and can leverage design libraries to reduce risk and accelerate time to market. We can help you develop an SOW and performance spec. create schematics and rapidly prototype a proof of concept. Customer Interfaces include: Eagle, Orcad, Altium, Pads, Solidworks and Fusion

Software and Controls

We write embedded software on a daily basis and have developed a large library across a wide range of platforms for use. PID feedback loops, ARM, RISK, SOM’s, USB 3.0 Fast charge, Audio processing, Video processing, LED drivers, Analog & Digital drivers. Microchip, ST, Infineon, Renasys, etc.


We have familiarity with a wide array of sensing technologies: GPS, Accelerometers, LED, Radar, IR, Vision, Light, Analogue, MEM’s, etc.
Let us help choose the correct technology or combination of technologies for your application.

Power Supplies

We are experts in battery technology across multiple sets of chemistries from lead acid to lithium and hybrid combinations there of.
Expertise in voltage ranges from 1200V to micro voltages. Energy harvesting, power converters, inverters, solar and wind. If your device needs power we can help optimize the power budget and find the correct technology for you.

Product Design

Every hardware product requires a mechanical form. Plastic, Metal, Resin, Touch Screens, Buttons and Dials. Building a desirable man machine interface with supporting haptics and design statement.
Our team is familiar with multiple design solutions, CAD formats and rapid prototyping methods to create the form factor you want and that your customers will desire.

Connected Devices

The key to IOT, we love connection technology: Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Zigbee, 5G, Radio, USB and the combinations there of to ensure your connected device goals are achieved. We are experts at power budgets, data transfer, management and interrogation. Let us make your device smart!

App Development

Experienced in launching both OS and Android based Apps. We can help you manage platform and device fragmentation. Native, Hybrid, Open Source, Mosync and SDK development approaches and back end integration. In addition to the design process itself with wireframe development, platform design rules, App design and SEO best practice.

Cloud Data Management

We are experts in data management, big data design and analytics. We can design and transfer databases or host and operate them for our clients if they so choose.
We utilize both AWS and Google cloud storage platforms operating scalable cloud based servers so our customers only pay for the data used.